Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hints on season 5


The new season will take us three months later, following a (relatively) quiet summer. But this is Mystic Falls, so peace has no chance, especially impersonating Stefan Silas. "We will explore this phenomenon doppelganger and how and why they exist in our mythology," reveals executive producer Caroline Dries, also expected the arrival of a "legitimate Great Villain" in the way it is "terrifying and create a new dynamics. "In terms of romance, the honeymoon period of Elena and Damon could be interrupted by his friendship with a fellow University (played by Shaun Sipos), while Caroline Tyler remains focused even when connected to Jesse (Kendrick interpreted by Sampson). Speaking of Tyler: Although the executive producer will not reveal when the hybrid, promises to be "in a very beautiful and appropriate" - and "a bit of attitude" about the fact that Klaus is well needed. Finally, Bonnie and Jeremy experiencing some connection problems that even AT & T MiFi can be resolved. Dries explains: "The external conflict is, 'I can not touch you,' and internal conflict is, 'Actually I have feelings for you, but I can not talk to them.'"

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